Ballistic Curtain Cordon System

The Solution to Active Shooters

Bullet Resistant

Each curtain has multiple 3/8" AR500 steel plates between thick layers of 1050D ballistic nylon


The plates sit in an overlapping pattern, preventing bullets from passing between


AR500 steel is abrasion and impact resistant that tops the scale in hardness


Its most common applications are for target shooting and can withstand multiple hits from a wide range of ordnance

The BCCS vs AK47 and M4

Chance of Survival Multiplies

The Ballistic Curtain Cordon System

interrupts a shooter's line of sight and encumbers their ability to target a potential victim


By simply increasing the distance between a victim and their attacker, the victim's chances of survival multiplies


The BCCS gives would-be victims an opportunity to build that distance and safely egress the area under the protective cover of the curtains

Spall Prevention

"Spall" refers to small shards of residual metal resulting from

a bullet impacting a hard surface


Each curtain uses thick layers of 1050D ballistic nylon fabric to absorb and limit spall, preventing injury caused by shrapnel


The nylon layers also provide a tough yet flexible structural support and allow for visual reference of bullet impacts


Upon activation, the curtains deploy in seconds to provide immediate cover in areas where there previously was none


The curtains operate as either a stand alone system or can be incorporated into your existing security system


 They can be activated manually or triggered automatically depending on your specific security procedures

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